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Why Happy To Meat You?

I’m a life-long foodie who was lucky enough to have been cast on Season 1 of  MasterChef, going head-to-head with Gordon Ramsay. So needless to say, I know a thing or two about grit, determination and the execution of a flawless protein! But more importantly, I’m a Chicago guy, who’s been been cutting his teeth into quality steaks and chops for as long as I can remember. Whether it’s grilled over an open fire, in a cast iron skillet, slow smoked, or under the searing flames of a 1500 degree broiler; I love a great steak.. and then some.

The challenge for me personally, was that I was hard pressed to find a quality steak at home equal to that of a great major city “Steak Joint.” Equally frustrating was that the steaks I did find at the upscale grocery/meat market lacked flavor; the only thing incredibly beefy was the large price tag. And oh, the prices of other online premium meat companies, who make you purchase in “bulk” quantities at even higher prices? Forget about it!

I’m so convinced that once you give us a try, you’ll never look elsewhere. Sure, I encourage you to still patronize those great local steakhouses. But when you can’t get there to enjoy one, bring the Steakhouse to your house. You’ve got my 100% satisfaction guarantee- because after all, I have my reputation at Steak!

-Scott Fischer, Founder & CSO (Chief Steak Officer)

Sustainable Farms.

“With our Midwest Advantage, we have long standing relationships and access to some of the country’s finest pasture raised and corn finished beef available anywhere. ”

Dump the Steakscicle!

Sure there are a number of steak options out there, but in today’s current environment, good quality doesn’t come without limitations. Long lines & limited availability at the local grocery store or “specialty” meat market, hard to find quality select cuts, as well as cattle cars of online retailers that ship “who knows how long” frozen “Steaksicles.” I knew there had to be a better way. 

With my belief that everyone should have access to the best quality meats at a fair price, I created a new-age online marketplace that rivals your favorite steakhouse, neighborhood butcher or any online steak/meat reseller - by delivering fresh, in-house aged premium cuts directly to your door. Once only available to the top steakhouses and restaurants in Chicago & Vegas- they now come straight to your door. Additionally, we promise over-the-top customer service to insure your satisfaction.

For those that live outside of our local delivery area and would like to experience the quality of our steaks, chicken & chops, we feature 2 day delivery from our state-of-the-art facility. Your hand picked selections are cut fresh that morning and then are packed fresh or flash frozen (depending on distance) before that same day shipment.

So now, when you crave that glorious, tender, well-marbled and richly textured steak, it’s not even a day away. 

About Our Butchery

Originating from Chicago’s famed Union Stockyards, we're part of a third-generation, family-owned & operated purveyor of exceptional meat products. Our top priority is ensuring the integrity of our provisions and the trust of our customers. We meet or exceed all industry and government standards in the production of our products. Additionally, all of our Dry & Wet Aging is done in house - from 14 to 41 days and then artfully hand cut and trimmed by our team of Master Butchers. At Happy To Meat You, we'll not only Meat your expectations, but exceed them!