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(4) 8 oz Chicago Cut Bone-In Short Ribs


Our Short Ribs are well marbled and packed with flavor. We cut our ribs across the bone so they’re easy to eat and have a great plate appearance. WIth just a rub of kosher salt & cracked black pepper, they cook up perfectly - low and slow on a smoker or grill. In fact these are so hearty, that we often refer to them as a baby brisket- same great flavor while cooking in a fraction of the time.

Also delicious oven roasted with a simple BBQ Sauce, Asian inspired Teriyaki/Garlic/Ginger sauce or an Argentinian Chimichurri.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
angela powell
A Winner!

The Short Ribs were just perfect. So glad we found you, will definitely order again. Thank you.

Alfred Bloodworth

The beef tastes amazing. The beef was trimmed perfectly. The coast was very reusable. I will be making another purchase 8n the near further. I would recommend it to my family and friends .

Jenn D
Best short ribs I’ve ever had

What’s a wonderful cut of meat! It fell of the bone; it was juicy and flavorful. It complimented all the ingredients it baked with. It makes the perfect Sunday afternoon dish.